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Hi, this is Re:mtr

Re:mtr (Zài Wù 再物) is a partner for companies looking to outsource services related to material research, storytelling and material management. Do you want to learn more about materials and best practices in responsible sourcing and production, and share these insights with clients and key stakeholders? Source healthier material alternatives? How about developing a material library of your own?

Let's work together

Research & Storytelling

We will help you find new and healthy materials within your region, and tell your material story which can be used as educational and/or marketing collateral. 

Sourcing & Selection

We will help source materials according to your project parameters, and consult you on which ones to go for. 

Systems & Management

We will be by your side to oversee and manage the material aspects of your project, and help you develop systems to better manage your material resources. 


We will help you find new and healthy materials within your region.


We will work with studios and manufacturers to develop bespoke materials for you.


Help you build and manage your very own internal material library system.

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