Re:mtr is the brainchild of Irem Arig, a Material Specialist with a background in Textile Design. After graduating from Central St. Martin's College of Art & Design and setting up her own collective specializing in locally sourced, hand-crafted yarns, Irem started working as Head Researcher in China's largest new materials library. The experience of discovering, sourcing and curating materials from libraries and databases filled with thousands of materials, for clients from fashion to interior design, left her with an understanding of the unprecedented amount of materials we have available to us and the lack in tools to help time-strapped teams find the most suitable ones. She has made facilitating and optimizing companies’ transition to new, healthy materials and more sustainable business practices her mission ever since.

How it all works

Irem works with a wide array of talented individuals on a project basis to meet a company’s specific needs. Re:mtr operates under A&S Consulting (Shanghai) Ltd. 安萨贸易(上海)有限公司 a company with 17+ years of experience in the the sourcing and trading of materials and green chemicals between China, Europe and the US. 

The solutions
we seek

to more consciously consume and create are within reach. It’s about getting industry players along the supply chain talking and creating partnerships that lead to mutual, community growth. By making more informed material selections that consider the network of relationships and interacting elements around our choices, we can take part in a future where circular and regenerative systems will be the new norm.

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