100% Upcycled Industrial Ceramic

Terrazzo like in appearance, stronger than marble in performance, and circular by design, a patent-pending material coming in February!

Most of the industrially produced ceramic we see today comes from Foshan and Chaozhou, the home of some of China’s largest ceramic factories. YiDesign works with the factories to collect this underutilized material source.


What does this material look like? 

  • Terrazo
  • Available in a variety of colors including custom colors dependant on the the upcycled ceramic and the different mineral pigments used


Where can this material be used?

  • Surface material (counters, tables, wall cladding, flooring)
  • Decorative products (chairs, coasters, phone charging devices)
  • Urban furniture/landscaping 

How does it perform compared to other materials?

  • Stronger than marble


Where can it go at the end of its life?

  • Back to the studio to be up-cycled again! 

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