E0 grade, anti-corrosion, anti-fungal, termite-blocking, carbonized, strand woven, and multi-ply bamboo panels and decking for indoor and outdoor landscaping and architectural purposes.

Bamboo. More sustainable when compared to hardwoods, due simply to its rapid regrowth, regenerating in three to seven years. Hardwoods can take anywhere from 40 to 70. Bamboo stalks can conserve 6CBM of water and soil and release 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than it’s fellow tree. Since it grows in the mountains, it doesn’t require irrigation. Like a sponge, it soaks up the water on a rainy day and releases it when dry, humidifying its environment.

It’s a magic grass.

As this supplier explains “the energy consumption ratio of producing bamboo paneling is 1:8 compared to concrete and 1:50 compared to steel.” They produce bamboo products for indoor and outdoor landscaping which can be used for anything from flooring to building exteriors.

These bamboo panel products are E0 grade, GB 18580-2017 0.5mg/L, indicating that by European indoor air quality standards the formaldehyde emissions in the process of carbonizing, scraping, sanding and heatpressing are ‘effectively zero’. The amount of pollution in the production of their products is minimized and any bamboo waste can easily biodegrade in the surrounding environment.

The supplier offers full customization. They can OEM for any shape you want!

For more information on what E0 grade actually means in the context of grass and wood panel and decking products coming out of China, take a look at these two articles:

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