Adhesive-free, non-toxic, pulp-free synthetic paper stickers and labels for packaging and marketing purposes, which are able to be easily removed and/or recycled with plastic packaging.

Micro-suction technology – tiny suction cups formed on one side grip any flat, smooth surface

No magnets or static, so it’s safe to use on electrical surfaces

Waterproof and tear-resistant with unparalleled durability

Designed for use on HP® Indigo printers

A totally clean adhesive paper option – no messy residue and no shrinkage

Works on glass, PVC, aluminum, coated paper, and more

Cleans with a damp cloth and can be removed and reapplied many times, for ultra-long wear and shelf life

Diversify your portfolio of papers, stickers, and labels with a material set to replace, or at least alleviate the pressure on our forests and their paper-pushing trees.

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