“seed to shelf” disruptive silk manufacturing based on the principles of regenerative agriculture. If you don’t use silk in your products, you’re going to want to now. 

This innovative silk supplier and textile manufacturer aims to disrupt the norms perceived in the textile industry. They understand that innovation and profitability do not have to come at – the expense of nature’s well-being. With a mission to command best practices from production to consumption, the people behind this company believe that the sustainability of a business is synonymous with being kind to the environment, as well as upholding transparency and fair trade.

Here are some highlights

Every piece of silk is based on the principles and practices of  regenerative agriculture

Production methods employ the latest technologies and practices that also regenerate and revitalize the soil as well as the environment, in order to increase production, farmers’ income, and especially, topsoil

Farm to production takes place in the same province, to minimize carbon emissions and increase traceability in a vertical supply chain

The production runs in safe, fair, legal working environments and under humane working conditions.

Education programs are created for employees, dedicated to the advancement of their careers

6-A Grade Organic Fine Silk, LEED, SERES, and Blue Sign certifications

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